Use the power of your own subconscious mind to create positive change, success and greater happinesss. You will see immediate results and lasting change in as little as 3 to 6 sessions. Hypnotherapy is a clinically proven method for changing beliefs, habits and reaction, as well as strengthening the body’s own natural healing and pain reducing ability.

Hypnotherapy is highly effective and successful for:

  • Feeling more confident about yourself
  • Creating the life you want including better relationships and opportunities
  • Increasing peace and happiness in a stress-filled world
  • Improving rest times through better more deep sleep
  • Improving mental abilities such as study habits, focus and concentration
  • Breaking through barriers regarding financial success or sales performance
  • Increasing trust in times of difficult change and life transition
  • Helping you release and let go of past painful experiences
  • Improving creative, or athletic performance
  • Eliminating a fear of flying
  • Eliminating fear, worries, anxiety and panic while increasing feelings of personal safety
  • Eliminating negative thinking, depressed mood 
  • Eliminate social fears and self-consciousness
  • Quitting smoking and other bad habits
  • Creating healthier boundaries in your relationships with others
  • Eliminating the desire for trigger-foods, over eating, emotional eating, 
  • Eliminating your fear of public speaking, or habit of procrastination
  • Losing weight or reaching fitness goals
  • Reducing and eliminating physical pain for optimum health
  • Creating less fear, more balance and health when illness (chronic, acute and life-threatening) has been diagnosed
  • and so much more…

Find out how hypnotherapy can work for you, by contacting me for a free no obligation phone consultation at 774-258-1468.

 Menu of Services and Packages

Hypnosis Packages

You will experience change right away through hypnosis, permanent change requires several sessions for the majority of clients. I offer packages in order to help you save money while you create the change you want.

Each package includes the pre-session consultation where we discuss your unique goals while I gain an understanding of how to best approach your concern. I use my twenty-three years in the counseling profession to help create a strategy for you that combines sound psychology and an awareness and sensitivity to your needs. Based on this,  I create a customized approach specifically for you which is used in our future sessions. When you purchase a 3 or 6 session package, we then continue to focus on that initial script to make certain the changes last. The 12 session package can be used for more than one issue or need that you want to address, and includes more than one personalized script.

  • 3 session (pre-session consultation, and three sessions)  (save 5%)*
  • 6 session (pre-session consultation and 6 sessions)  (save 10%)*
  • 12 session (hypnosis multi-pass for 12 sessions including pre-session consultation and 12 sessions) (save 20%)*


À La Carte Menu of Hypnotherapy Services

If you prefer you also have the option of creating your own programs from the options below.

  • Pre-session consultation and first session $190*
  • Reinforcement sessions  $95 each*
  • Personalized hypnosis recording after initial session, $125*