Carol Recchion, MDiv.,CH

360 West Boylston St
West Boylston Ma 01583



Over 24 years experience as a Coach, Counselor and Clinical Hypnotist. Carol has provided solution focused counseling in a variety of clinical settings such as medical centers, and Employee Assistance Programs. Her clinical training includes a masters degree from Duke University (MDiv.), clinical training at Pastoral Care and Counseling Institute, and a Clinical Residency specializing in medical crisis, grief and group therapy.

“I will help you clarify and define what matters most to you and then create the mapped out pathway to help you achieve your dreams. Together we will create the successful habits, productive thinking, and strategic action for your happiest life.

If you, like many, are seeking counseling to help manage a situation that has become disruptive or painful such issues with relationships, anxiety, depressed feelings, grief, loss or life transition; I will help you take back personal power, increase resiliency, and transform these difficult experiences, to help you restore balance and wellbeing.”